Drive-Ins may not be just for your grandparents anymore

A vintage shot of a drive in

Have you ever been to a drive-in movie theatre?

Other than your couch, that may soon be the only place you'll be able to watch a movie. And when you think about it, they are leading the way when it comes to social distancing.

What's safer than sitting in your car?

And it looks like they could be opening sooner, rather than later.

"We're hoping possibly in May, but it could be early June," says Brian Allen, the president of Premier Drive-In Theatres. "We have a plan, we've ordered masks and gloves and shields, we're going to be as safe as possible."

He says that plan starts with further distancing the vehicles in front of the screens.

"The distance between pole to pole is about eight feet, so now it will be about 16 feet." Allen says, telling NEWSTALK 1010, that the cars will be arrainged in a checkerboard pattern.

When it comes to the concession stands, (because what's a movie without popcorn?) you would order from your phone, and an employee would deliver it to your vehicle, leaving the closed bag on your hood. If you don't use data or aren't good with technology, they will have an order window available.

They've thought about the washrooms too.

"The plan for washrooms, is that we'll be bleaching our existing washrooms every 15-20 minutes," says Allen. But that's not all. "Our plan is to do porta-potties, and then everytime they are used, they will be cleaned. That way we can get way more separation, and it will take the pressure off our existing washrooms."

But what about the films they'll be showing, since the major studios have all delayed the release of their blockbusters?

Allen has thought of that too.

"It's an experiment that is working well in the US and in Vancouver. Movies that are two to three months old, but are being streamed, the drive-ins are still selling out, because people want to get out."

However, Allen is thinking about tickling your nostalgia bone as well.

"I could see us doing ET and Back to the Future, or Jaws and Raiders of the Lost Ark. People love seeing those movies again on the big screen."

So, the plans are in place, now all they need is the green light.

There's currently 16 drive-in theatres around the province, with five left in the GTA.