Eighty-nine more people have died from COVID in Ontario


Ontario is reporting 2,655 cases new COVID-19 cases today which is up from 1,913 yesterday (but remember Toronto Public Health was underreporting its numbers because of a technical glitch)

The 7-day average is now 2,850, down from 2,893 yesterday.

Toronto is reporting 925 new cases today - up from 550 yesterday
Peel Region is reporting 473 new cases - up from 346
York Region is reporting 226 new cases - down from 235

Just over 54,307 tests were completed. According to the province the percent of tests coming back positive is at 4.9% which is down significantly from yesterday's 6.8%.

89 new deaths reported. (This is the second-highest total. The record was 100 deaths set on January 15th) 
42 of those deaths were residents in long-term care. 
(61 new deaths in people 80+, 22 new deaths in people 60-79, 6 new deaths in people 40-59)

The total number of people who have died due to COVID is 5,568.

Number of people in hospital is 1,598 - down by 28.
Number of people in ICU is 395 - down by 5.
Number of people on ventilators 296 - up by 4.

There were 3,714 resolved cases . The number of active cases is at 26,467 - down from 27,615 yesterday.

Vaccine doses administered:
For the day: 13,784
Total: 237,918