Eighty-two per cent of handguns in Toronto come from the U.S.: Saunders

Over 80 per cent come from across the border

Mayor John Tory will be calling a meeting in the new year with GTHA mayors and police chiefs...to see what can be done to tackle gun violence.

He made that pledge exclusively on Moore in the Morning today.

It's welcome news to Toronto's police chief who feels they are gaining traction but more, obviously, needs to be done.

"The fact that I am hearing that the mayor is speaking about having a conversation with GTH mayors at a high-level that tells me that we are looking at understanding the narrative better than before," Saunders said.

Tory also made the claim that a lot of guns of making it across the border and into Toronto by criminals taping them to vehicles. 

"Guns are coming in through a ton of different means and we're learning different things that are occurring and is that one methodology? I am sure that it is but I can tell you there are hundreds of other ways they're getting in," Saunders asserts.

In fact, Saunders revealed that 82 per cent of the handguns in Toronto have arrived from the United States. "We learn new things through intelligence. There are new, sophisticated ways in which guns do come into the city. Some are low-level sophistication."

Saunders has been keeping the lines of communication open with Public Safety Minister Bill Blair and local, national and international counterparts. "That's part of the reason we are able to solve the crimes we are solving. You may recall last year when we solved the case where 25 firearms were put in a gas tank. We speak about partnership and that's something that's helping."