EllisDon offering $5,000 reward for information on racist incidents at construction site

Michael Garron Hospital

A major construction company is dealing with yet another incident of anti-Black racism at its construction site at Michael Garron Hospital.

A worker spotted racist graffiti on the door of a washroom at the location at Coxwell and Mortimer and reported it.

Two nooses have previously been located at the same construction site.

In a statement to our media partner CP24, a spokesperson for EllisDon - the company that operates the site - confirmed that a racist message was found in a washroom stall.

The statement says, in part: 

"EllisDon condemns this despicable racist act. Our people are not just our employees—they are our family. We know we need to do better to protect their safety, both physically and emotionally. Upon learning of this incident we immediately boarded up the area and removed the graffiti. We have initiated an investigation and have already begun to upgrade the security and surveillance on the site, both to catch these criminals and to ensure that every worker is safe from discrimination, hate and bigotry."

The company has announced that it's offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who brings forward information that leads to the identification of the person or people responsible for these acts of racism.

"We will not stop until the perpetrators are found and permanently evicted from our industry," the statement reads.