Empty roads don't mean unlimited fun

Speeder caught in York Region

Have you noticed the roads are empty?

Speeders certainly have.

York Regional Police are asking drivers to let off the accelerator, even when they are on seemingly deserted roads.

"We need drivers to slow down," says Sgt Andy Pattenenden with York Regional Police. "This month alone, just in March, we've investigated 33 incidents of stunut driving, which is nearly double the same number we've seen in previous years."

Pattenden says people are taking advantage of the empty roads for street racing, or some just forget to look down at their speedometer.

They recently tweeted a photo of one person, stopped doing 149 km/h in a 50 zone.

"That is not a mistake that is just somone who doesn't care about people on the roadway."

He says they have the same number of officers patrolling the streets, so he says those who think they can speed and get away with it, "should think again."