Erin O'Toole's campaign files formal complaint against Peter Mackay


Conservative leadership candidate Erin O'Toole's campaign says it has filed a formal complaint with police seeking an investigation of his rival Peter MacKay's organization.

In a release late Friday, O'Toole's campaign says the complaint involves the alleged theft of confidential campaign and strategy data.

It says the O'Toole campaign's systems were hacked earlier this week, and it names MacKay campaign organizer Jamie Lall.

In a brief tweet, Lall said not a single word of the allegation is true.

The O'Toole release says details have been shared with the R-C-M-P, Ontario Provincial Police and Toronto police.

The allegations come after MacKay, O'Toole and fellow candidates Leslyn Lewis and Derek Sloan squared off in two leadership debates this week.

The debates will likely be the final face-off between all four candidates before the ballots are sent out to party members early next month.