EXCLUSIVE: Half of you would be okay with random tests

An assessment centre, set up at Michael Garon Hospital in Toronto

Premier Doug Ford says he's not happy with the level of testing in the province, and neither are you.

A new poll, done exclusively for Newstalk 1010, shows a whopping 78% of people asked, thing the amount of testing being done, isn't enough to paint an accurate picture of what's happening with COVID-19.

And the poll by DART & blue/Maru says two-thirds of the people asked in the GTA, are still fearful they could contract COVID-19.

When it comes to testing, and the possibility that the province could open up for random testing in certain hot-spots, many think that would be a-okay.

"The agreement that you could be randomly stopped while out and about by an identifiable public health official and asked to take a random COVID-19 test, we got half of the population in Ontario who would accept that," says pollster John Wright.

Premier Ford had mulled about the possibilty of sending in a testing van into certain areas of the province, just to test random people to give us a proper indication of who may be COVID-positive, but could be asymptomatic.

Another interesting point, is that 49% of those asked, would be alright with having an app on their phones that would track their movements so that if it were discovered they had been in contact with someone with COVID-19 it would send them a notification instructing them what to do next.