EXCLUSIVE: Liberals ask that 407 bills be excluded as I.D. on election day

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is proroguing the legislature so that her government can deliver a new throne speech Monday.

The Ontario Liberals are asking that 407ETR bills be excluded as acceptable form of identification on election day.

A lawyer on behalf of the party has sent a letter to the Chief Electoral Officer, asking him to direct polling station staff to not accept 407 documentation, given the data breach being investigated.

"Given that it seems reasonably likely that this stolen data has already been used to perpetrate a fraudup o n the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario at its nomination meetings, my client is concerned thatit is not at all outside the realm of plausibility that such documents might be used in the general election itself," lawyer Jack Siegel writes.

Liberal 407 letter page 1

Blaney McMurtry LLP

Liberal 407 letter page 2

Blaney McMurtry LLP

The company running the 407 reported an internal theft of names, addresses, and in some cases phone numbers from 60,000 customers. It occurred sometime in the past 12 months.

Shortly after the data breach became public, Simmer Sandhu, the PC candidate for Brampton East resigned from his role, citing unspecified allegations against him involving his "work life" and "my nomination campaign."

Sandhu denies the allegations and believes he will be cleared.