EXCLUSIVE: NEWSTALK 1010 poll finds only 5% would send children back to class


A NEWSTALK 1010 Pulse of Toronto Poll has found, overwhelmingly, that people in Toronto are not ready for children to go back to school.

The poll, by DART&maru/BLUE, found only five percent of respondents think children should be back in the classroom now. 

"The biggest takeaway from all of this is: Don't do it," says pollster John Wright.

Many would like to see certain conditions met before students go back to class.

38% would wait until after there are no new cases in an area for at least four weeks and 17% would wait two weeks.

22% said they'd like there to be a vaccine first.

Some may argue that keeping children home could impair their parents ability to work.

However, "what comes through here is that there's no more precious object than the very child you have," Wright says. "Exposing them potentially to the virus, or bringing it home, is just something people are not willing to do."