EXCLUSIVE POLL: Most people think there is racism in Canada, but many of us can't see it


It's been a topic of discussion in many circles, especially with some of the protests that we've seen in the US.

Racism, and more importantly, the question of weather or not it exists in Canada.

A poll, done exclusively for NEWSTALK 1010, by Dart/maru-Blue shows that seven in ten people believe that there is prejudice against visible minorities in Canada.

That's not shocking.

What is shocking, is that nearly the same number believe think race relations with those visible minorities are generally good right now throughout Canada.

The numbers are even higher when you ask people about their neighborhood (82%), in their community/municipality (79%), and slightly less so with their local police department (68%).

"If you've got about 30 million people in this country, about 21 million people don't believe that it exists anywhere where it's tangible," says pollster John Wright.

He says the majority of the people who do see the racism, tend to be younger, women, those who are both lower income and higher educated.

"But most people who are older, don't see it," says Wright.

Wright admits changing views like this will take a lot of work in society, but first you have to be able to see that there's an issue.