EXCLUSIVE: TTC Commissioner calls for return of all laid-off drivers

TTC crowding

On Moore in the Morning: TTC Commissioner and city councillor, Shelley Carroll, called on the TTC to bring back all laid off drivers and restore service to 100 percent capacity to address crowding.

She moved a motion at last week's TTC board meeting but it was defeated.

Carroll says the system is currently running at about 85 percent capacity.

Recent photos posted to social media show riders packed into buses. She says the crowding is a mix of gradually growing ridership and high school and college students now using the system.

Carroll says that while ridership is still down, the TTC has been, "grossly overcrowded for a long time."

"When we say that today we have between 40 and 50 percent ridership, really what we have is normal ridership in most major cities," Carroll says.

She blames the overcrowding on underfunding. 

"There hasn't been any operating participation in the TTC in terms of funding from the province. We're the only major city in Canada where that's the case."