EXCLUSIVE: TTC promises help for York Memorial students

Scarlett Heights - York Memorial

Hundreds of students and their parents must have been thrilled to hear a new promise from the TTC, made exclusively on Moore in the Morning.

The transit commission has committed to boost service to help teenagers attending York Memorial Collegiate get to and from their temporary location at Scarlett Heights, 5 kilometres away from the school that was destroyed in a major spring fire.

York Memorial students were forced to take TTC buses to get to their new (previously closed) school but complained that it was difficult to get a seat and they had to watch many buses pass them by, creating long waits before and after class.

The TTC's Stuart Green told John Moore on NEWSTALK 1010's Moore in the Morning, the commission is adding two extra buses in the morning and afternoon on the 32 Eglinton West route to better move students.

Why did students have to deal with this disruption?

The real story appears to be an apparent miscommunication involving the TDSB and TTC.

The decision to send York Memorial students to Scarlett Heights was made in June (and reported in the media) but the TTC tells NEWSTALK 1010 no one from the TDSB informed them there would be extra students on the route.

"Unfortunately, the TDSB did not advise of this re-location, says Green. "Had they done so, we could have had service adjustments in place sooner - maybe even for the start of the school year."

The TDSB has told NEWSTALK 1010 they didn't know they needed to give the TTC a heads up.

"Previously, staff have not notified TTC of school changes, nor were they made aware that was required," said spokesperson Ryan Bird. "Moving forward, we will be working with the TTC to address any significant changes that may impact public transit."