EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Drug use becoming a bigger problem on the TTC

TTC Drug Use

Video obtained by NEWSTALK 1010 appears to show needles and other drug paraphernalia left behind on a TTC streetcar.

The source of the video, claims it was taken within the last month.


The TTC admits drug use has become a bigger problem during COVID-19, with fewer places for people to go, especially at night.

Spokesperson Stuart Green says they've deployed special constables to address the issue in problem areas.

They're called the Community Engagement Team. "They are specifically focused on dealing with people with mental health issues, with homelessness issues, with addiction," Green explains.

But what options does a driver have if one of these officers isn't around?

"They can call into transit control," Green says. "They have a number of ways to reach our staff to call for assistance if they need that."