Fines issued in Brampton for large Diwali gatherings

brampton gurdwara

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown says fines were handed out on Saturday for Diwali gatherings that went against public health guidelines.

Brown told CP24 on Sunday that bylaw officers attended the Gurdwara Nanaskar on McLaughlin Road was fined for not following COVID-19 guidelines outside of the temple.

"The plans were not adequate," Brown said. "They never exceeded numbers that were allowed inside the Gurdwara, but outside, because of people walking up from the neighbourhood and cars driving up, it created a crowded scene which is not permissible."

Brown said it will be up to a Justice of the Peace to determine how much the fine will be.

Officers also attended two other social gatherings celebrating Diwali, but Brown didn't specify whether fines were issued at those gatherings.

Brown said 99 per cent of the city did its job over the weekend, and said it was a few "bad apples" that had to be penalized.