Fire crews battle large blaze at Mississauga battery recycling plant


Massive black smoke began wafting out of a Mississauga business Wednesday afternoon, at a battery recycling plant.

"I've never in my life seen fire that large," witness Kaden McMaster said. "As they're moving the trucks, there's these new plumes of smoke and sometimes the flames quite honestly, it looks as almost as high as the one black tower truck."

"It's pretty incredible."

The fire began at the Tonolli recycling blant by Dixie Road and Dundas Street East shortly before 4 p.m., although the cause is unknown.

No injuries were reported, but because of the large smoke, residents in the area were advised to keep their windows shut.

The smoke also stalled GO trains at the Dixie station.

Jason Nand, a mechanic a few businesses away, said he saw many local workers in the area leave their businenesses around 5 p.m.

Before leaving his work himself, he told NEWSTALK1010 he was concerned about the toxic material at the plant.

"You see a lot of people walking to their cars out here, they're covering their face, holding a mask," he said. "The cops are walking up and down the street with masks, so it's obviously not great."

At 5:35, Peel Police reported "it appears to be somewhat under control at this time."