Ford Government to unveil new anti-human trafficking measures in the "near future"

human trafficking

The Ford Government is expecting to introduce its new measures on cracking down on human trafficking "in the near future," the ministry of the Attorney-General says. 

Back in November, Premier Doug Ford and Solicitor-General Sylvia Jones announced they would be developing a new strategy to combat the problem and at the time, announced $20 million in funding for victim supports and enforcement would become permanent. 

While details are still being worked out, the measures will involve at least the two ministries and Jones will address the priority of dealing with human trafficking on Moore in the Morning on Monday at 8:35 a.m. 

This week, NEWSTALK1010 has heard from former police officers, private investigators, advocates, parents of girls who were trafficked and the mayor about the ongoing issue. 

According to the Ontario Government, roughly two-thirds of police-reported human trafficking violations in Canada occur in Ontario, with the average age of recruitment around 13 years old. 

Ford said in November, "this is disgusting what they're doing to our young people and it shouldn't be tolerated and the judges shouldn't be tolerating it either."

In October, York Police announced over 31 arrests in a dynamic human trafficking operation, after a year-long investigation.