Ford on curfew: "Let's see where the numbers go"

Ontario Premier Doug Ford (File photo)

Ontario Premier Doug Ford isn't dismissing the idea of a curfew as COVID-19 case counts continue to grow.

"Let's see where the numbers go," Ford said Tuesday when asked about the idea. "I always say everything's on the table, but let's see where the numbers go."

Ford was being asked about the idea following La Presse reporting that one of the proposals by Quebec health officials is a curfew in that province. 

Premier Francois Legault is expected to announce major new lockdown efforts that will take effect on Saturday, including schools closing back up for several weeks, La Press reports. 

Ford was first asked about a curfew back in mid-December. 

"I don't think we're there, to a curfew, but if we all just stop with the socializing and having friends and family over...we have to bend the trend here," he said December 17th. "The GTHA, that's where we're seeing the spread." 

Ontario once again reported over 3,000 new cases Tuesday after 35,200 cases, as the province unveiled its revamped vaccination plan amidst criticism of a slow start. 

The province now aims all long-term care residents and staff in Toronto's four hot zones - Toronto, Peel, Windsor-Essex and York - will be vaccinated by January 21st.