'Front of my shirt was red...next blackness:' Children describe being shot in Scarborough playground

Children shot - victim impact statements

"I was out side playing and then I heard gunshots the next I know the front of my shirt was red." Those are the chilling words of a little girl, shot in the stomach when she was just five years old.

The Crown attorney read victim impact statements on Monday, in a sentencing hearing for T'Quan Robertson.

Robertson has pleaded guilty to attempted murder and aggravated assault in a 2018 shooting at a playground near McCowan and Steeles. Robertson and two others were aiming for a man named Clinton McDonald. They missed him, but hit two young sisters with bullets.

The child's written statement includes a drawing that shows her happy one moment and crying the next. She describes collapsing to the ground, vomiting and, "next blackness."

Her sister was shot in the leg when she was nine-years-old. In her statement to the court, she said, "I saw my right leg bleeding so I screamed for help and that's all I remember then (I) was in the ambulance."

Robertson apologized in court, calling what he did, "horrendous."

The Crown is asking for a 15-year sentence. Robertson's lawyer is asking for 10-years, claiming his client showed genuine remorse.

Robertson was wanted by police for two years before his arrest in July of this year.