Frontline COVID-19 workers offered emergency daycare by the province

Up to 50,000 spaces will be made available

Frontline workers combating the COVID-19 pandemic are getting a helping hand from the province.

Emergency daycare centres will be opening in the coming days that will be free and operating 24/7.

Health care workers, police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and lab technicians are some of the positions eligible to take the government up on this offer.

"These are all women and men who are literally demonstrating the very best of our country and rising to the challenge. The heroism that they are providing on a daily, I think, very much, is something that we need to reciprocate with some support," says Education Minister Stephen Lecce.  

In light of the growing pandemic, Lecce says all necessary steps will be taken to protect children against COVID-19. "There will be screening done before for workers and there are a variety of steps being taken and I think very serious steps that the government will ensure...the ministry are being followed to protect public health and to protect these kids."

We've seen the long line ups in stores, many of us have experienced them. Grocery store employees have been answering the call to action and helping to keep homes stocked with the essentials yet, they're not eligible. "I accept that there are other people, workers within our economy that are critical to the supply chain and we will continue to discuss that with the Cabinet and stakeholders on the way forward. But, today, step one is about getting support for our health care workers, that we have their back and we enable them to do their important work," Lecce explains.

There will be upwards of 50,000 child care spaces available to those eligible.