Funeral held Wednesday night for man fatally shot by police in his apartment


The funeral for 62-year-old Ejaz Choudry, who was fatally shot by Peel police last weekend, was held Wednesday night.

Choudry, who suffered from schizoprhenia and had barricaded himself at his Mississauga apartment Saturday night, died after police made their way into his Mississauga apartment following a standoff and gunfire.

The outdoor ceremony was held at Paul Coffey Park, not far from his home near Morningstar and Goreway Drives.

Among family and friends attending, was one of Choudry's nephews, very frustrated with the lack information police have so far provided on the shooting.

"Four days with no sleep, with barely any food, barely any water, marching, screaming, losing their voices and we're still not heard. When are they going to stand up and take accountability, that's the main question."