Gardiner Expressway skateboarders identified, slapped with fines

Less drivers on the road doesn't give you a free pass to toss the rules out the window.

That's the message coming from Toronto Police's Traffic Services Department, after they tracked down three men who went skateboarding on the Gardiner Expressway

The video of the men was posted to social media app TikTok, and quickly went viral. You could see little traffic as the three men went down what appears to be the Bay/York/Yonge Street off-ramp.

Det. Brett Moore says police work has moved from good old-fashion fingerprints, to investigating the cyber fingerprints that people leave, and that helped them track down the skateboarders.

The three men were fined $110 each for skateboarding on a prohibited highway.

"I don't know if it's a phenomenon or whatnot, but we're seeing more and more of this sort of reckless behaviour being videotaped and then posted onto different social media platforms," Moore says.

Police are also asking local businesses and residents who have CCTV in the area to contact investigators.