GO Transit noticing some new trends when it comes to the return of the commute

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As things continue to reopen, more and more people are out and about.

But there's an interesting snapshot from Metrolinx today, when it comes to GO ridership.

Officials there are seeing new trends starting, as more and more people start moving around.

And it might mean an end to "rush hour" as we know it.

"We are noticing that more people are willing to adjust, so work 10-6, because they are conscious of wanting to travel when there isn't as many people," says Anne-Marie Aikins, a spokesperson for Metrolinx.

Ridership is still down across the board, but it isn't as bad as it was in the height of the pandemic.

The first few months of the pandemic, ridership was decimated," says Aikins. "We went from 90% immediately to as low as 2-3% of normal levels."

But she says a weekday now, has ridership back up around 18% of a normal days passengers.

It's the weekends and evenings, however that are showing signs of life.

The "leisure trips" have come back quicker than the regular commuter, with trips on the weekends now up to 37% of normal ridership.

But this won't be a recovery that will happen overnight.

Aikins expects things to stay unsteady for 18 months to two years, before they can really see how the new trends are playing out.