Goodlife wants you to write a letter on their behalf

Trainer Tim Martin spots Paula Moors as she works on her incline dumbbell press, part of her personalized training plan at the GoodLife Fitness club in Dartmouth, N.S. on Friday, Dec. 30, 2011.

Much of the talk about businesses affected during this COVID-19 pandemic, has focused on bars and restaurants.

But what about gyms? They too have been closed down during this second wave of the pandemic.

Now, Goodlife Fitness is hoping you'll write a letter to your MPP, on its behalf.

It wants to flood them with thousands of letters calling for the "swift re-opening of closed fitness clubs and to prevent further closures in the province."

The company says the fitness industry in Ontario is currently facing serious challenges "the most difficult time in its history" as a result of the pandemic.

They point to mandated shutdowns, capacity restrictions and questions about safety.

Goodlife Fitness says it hopes to see support from thousands of fitness industry members and employees from across the province.