Greyhound Canada puts it in park, for now


Greyhound Canada has announced they will be shutting down temporarily, because of COVID-19.

The move will affect the jobs of 400 people, but the company says ridership is down 95% because of the pandemic.

Service will be shut down as of midnight on May 12th.

Since the company relies heavily on te fare box to keep service running, they say in a statement that "It cannot continue, absent of financial support."

Greyhound says they have already reached out to both the provincial and federal governments, but so far, haven't received any bailout support.

The move will impact four routes that were still operating out of Toronto, including service to Kitchener and London.

Back on April 5th, Greyhound said it was suspending service on 12 routes, and had reduced service on the remaining routes, for what they called "essential travel."