Hairstylists say they're ready to go back to work safely


Massage therapists, chiropractors and dentists are all going back to work.

But there's one group that is still waiting: Hairstylists

Norm Wright of Taz Hair Co. in Yorkville has started a petition. His message to Premier Doug Ford: "Listen to us."

He feels the industry doesn't have a voice and he wants a chance to show the government they are ready to reopen safely.

"Our last day at the salon was March 15 and when he announced the state of emergency, hairdressers all over this province and all over this country had begun preparing for this new reality," Wright says.

He says they have the protective equipment in place. Salons are set up for health screening and social distancing.

He warns that if the closures last much longer, these businesses could be decimated.

"The businesses that are being severely affected by this, that are small family businesses, will not recover," Wright says.