Halton, Durham regions may be rolled back into modified Stage 2

He'll have a decision on Monday

By Monday, Halton and Durham regions may soon join the likes of Toronto, Peel, Ottawa, and York region.

Premier Ford says he is very concerned by the numbers he's seeing so he will spend the weekend talking with his COVID-19 command table to figure out next steps.

He'll give the decision on Monday, meaning if you live in those regions you might want to make a reservation at your favorite restaurant to enjoy a meal indoors or get a final wortkout in the gym.

There were 38 new cases in Durham region today and 34 new cases in Halton, both up from 29.

Ford is begging people to please tighten up and follow public health guidelines.

"Trust me, when I say I hate shutting anything down, I hate shutting it down, absolutely hate it. I understand what it takes to meet a payroll, take care of a business...I absolutely despise it but I have said right from the get-go that I am always going to listen to the health professionals and I am going to continue to listen to them."

He says there are only five regions, currently, reporting no cases which tells him the virus is spreading right across the province.