"He made a mistake" - Toronto Mayor says of travelling finance minister


We all make mistakes.

That from Toronto Mayor John Tory, who was once the leader of the Ontario PC Party.

He was asked on our sister station, CP24, about Finance Minister Rod Phillips' trip to St. Barts over the Christmas break that was first uncovered by NEWSTALK 1010.

"He made a mistake in this instance which he has owned up to and he's now going to return to the country and keep doing his job, which he's been doing throughout the time. So, it's one of those things where it's very unfortunate but at the end of the day I think he has learned a lesson from it as, probably, have a lot of other people watching what is going on."

He elaborated on the issue later on in the day, saying he acknowledges the mistake, but stood by the finance minister. 

"People who know me also know that I especially stand by my friends when they make mistakes and when they're in trouble," he said. "It's not about the actions, it's about the person, he's a human being and he made a mistake and he'll pay a price for that." 

Premier Ford calls the "completely unacceptable" and that "it will not be tolerated again." He has told Phillips to return to the country immediately.

Phillips says he is making arrangements to return to Ontario and will quarantine for 14 days once he returns.