He's currently suspended with pay, and now a Toronto cop is facing new charges

A Toronto cop charged with speeding in Burlington

A Toronto Police officer who has been suspended with pay since May of 2019, is now facing new charges after being stopped speeding in Burlington.

According to provincial Police, the 43-year-old man was stopped near the 407 and Guelph Line, around 1:30 yesterday afternoon, doing 179km/h.

He then failed a roadside breath test, allegedly blowing four times over the legal limit.

And this isn't the first run in with his fellow officers.

The 18-year veteran of Toronto Police was charged back in May of 2019, with extortion, breach of trust and threats of bodily harm, in an alleged shakedown for a debt owed to a third party.

So, police have told NEWSTALK 1010, that Lionel Peters wasn't on-duty at the time of the speeding arrest, because he'd been suspended with pay, while the first case works through the courts.

For the stunt driving charge though, he's had his licence taken away for a week, and his car impounded for seven days.