"Help someone out, give em a break"

Covid closure

Premier Doug Ford asked a favour to all landlords in the province on Friday.

"Give these small businesses a break, they work their backs off and they’re trying to survive,” says Ford.

The request comes a day before landlords can legally evict tenants in Ontario, if they haven't paid their rent for May.

There is a federal program in place, called the Canadian Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance program, which would allow tenants to pay 25% of their rent. However, many landlords haven't signed up.

Ford says it's worth it for landlords to work with their tenants, because if they boot them out, there's not a long lineup of businesses looking to move in.

“What do the landlords think, there’s going to have an army of people wanting to move in,” says Ford. “You either get zero or 75 per cent, and not only do you get zero, you’re still paying costs like electricity, you’re still paying maintenance, you’re still paying taxes. Hang in there, work with them for 25 per cent, be a good landlord, support them.”