High-level international cocaine dealers busted, Toronto police say

Cocaine Bust May 2020

Toronto police say they've seized a significant quantity of pure cocaine that was allegedly being smuggled across the Canadian border.

Drug squad Insp. Don Belanger says police have taken down a collection of high-level professional dealers.

He says officers seized 61 kilograms of pure cocaine in the investigation, dubbed Project Corredor, that began last fall.

Belanger says the coke was packaged in one-kilogram bricks that were allegedly stashed in a few condominiums and a house in the city.

He says officers also seized $210,000 in Canadian cash, $14,000 in American cash and 30,000 euros.

Belanger says four men were charged and released and are set to appear in a Toronto court in mid-June while the force continues to look for two others.

Toronto Police


Toronto Police