How many people at your kids' school know first aid?

CPR training dummy

How many people do you think are trained in first aid at your child's school?

10? 100? All of them?

Would you be surprised to find out that the basic standard, is one.

"WSIB regulation 11.01 requires at least one person per school building and location, be trained in first aid." says Carla Pereira, a spokesperson for the Peel District School Board.

She tells NEWSTALK1010 that they have two or more per building, but the basic regulation is to have one.

The issue came to light when a listener was doing some digging into the people who work at the school where her son attends. She was shocked to find out the lunchroom supervisors had no training.

But they do have a radio.

"They have the ability to contact the office to ask for the person who is first aid trained to come to the classroom immediately." says Pereira.

However, in a scenario where a child is choking, time is ove the essence. "An average kid has probably 20 seconds before they drop and if they actually drop, they are in cardiac arrest." says David Goodman, a former paramedic who now teaches CPR courses.

He's known of this issue for quite sometime and says now is the time to get more people trained.

"One person trained at the school, is not enough."

Should all public school staff be adequately trained in first aid and CPR? Even if it requires more provincial money to complete the certification?