"I don't want to have a heart attack!" - Auto factory friends celebrate $60 million Lotto Max win


Mercedes Granadino was driving in her car when she heard on the radio that the winning ticket in the December 21st Lotto Max Draw was sold in Guelph. 

So she called her friend Fernando Meneses, who was holding the ticket that belonged to their group of nine friends. 

"Imagine five times I scanned," he said. "Because I want to hear that $60 million." 

The next call went to Ala Hirmiz, who pulled his car over.

"He said 'we are the big one,' I say listen, 'you know my health, I don't want to have a heart attack,'" he said. 

But it wasn't a joke, as the group did in fact win the $60 million jackpot. 

The entire group met in a Guelph park so they could all here the news. 

"It was something amazing, like we didn't believe," he said, adding the group of auto factory coworkers are very close. 

"We work on the same line, but we are not coworkers, we are friends," he said. "We are the only team, every birthday we celebrate."

"It's like family and this is very special for our team." 

Some of the winners have played regularly, while two of them were trying their luck for the very first time. 

One of them was Mussie Kelete, the youngest of the group at 21 years old, who has only been with the company for less than six months.

"I was sleeping and Ala keeps calling me," she said, adding she was one of the members who got the news at their meeting. "I was crying." 

Kelete plans to continue studying accounting, but all of the workers have handed in their resignations. 

While it's been a couple of weeks, it's still hard to process for Steven Rush. 

"I still can't fathom the whole thing right now, even when I go home today, it's going to be the same thing over and over," he said. "Go on trips probably, go someplace I've never been before." 

"Getting a house probably, helping some family members, it's overwhelming still so I really don't know."