If your car is parked, you should be getting a break on your insurance

Outremont parking

Many people are parked at home, waiting for the all clear to be given.

And their vehicles are literally that; parked.

There's no trips to and from work, no jaunts to the cottage or a Sunday drive.

So why are you still paying your full insurance premium?

You shouldn't be, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

"There is no question the risk has been reduced as a result of that," says IBC President and CEO Don Forgeron.

Speaking with NEWSTALK 1010, Forgeron encourages you to have a conversation with your insurance company, and tell them about your new situation.

"Inform them of your changed circumstances and have their premiums adjusted to reflect the fact that instead of driving to and from work, you're only driving to the grocery store once or twice a week," says Forgeron.

The IBC says this could end up saving consumers up to $600 million, across the country.

Forgeron says this isn't a directive from the IBC, but says individually, insurers have been working with their customers on a case-by-case basis.

Back on March 26th, the OPP released stats showing the number of collisions on the roads in the province, had dropped by 30%