Industry group to launch app to compete with Uber Eats and Door Dash

Food delivery-Oleksandr Hrytsiv

There will soon be a new option for restaurants, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet amid the pandemic.

The Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association is rolling out its own delivery platform to compete with apps like Uber Eats and Door Dash.

The group's CEO, Tony Elenis, tells Moore in the Morning it'll save money for restaurants and customers.

While other services can charge up to 30 percent commission, Elenis says their platform will charge less than 10 percent.

"How can we do it when the big players are basically having those restaurant owners that need help be put in a corner," he says.

Unlike other services, he says their delivery drivers will be employees, not contractors, with what Elenis describes as good pay and benefits.

He says the service will also include no tipping policy.

They plan to launch in a couple of months, starting with 50 restaurants in downtown Toronto and expanding from there.