Is Toronto looking at another full lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19

city of toronto

Saturday was another record day for new coronavirus cases in Ontario and in the midst of a harsher second wave, Toronto's count was over a quarter of all new cases with 456. 

But even in the new restricted red zone and with added measures already in place, some in the city apparently are still not getting the message about staying apart.

So could that prompt city officials to consider a full blown lockdown?

That's the question Dave Trafford posed to mayor John Tory on the Weekend Morning show Sunday.

Tory's response: "I'm spending the entire weekend looking at additional measures that we should be taking in my view that we could be taking, because you have to look at the ones that are the most effective. But in my view there are clearly additional measures that are required. As I said the Premier, who has most of the authority to do this things, has said that nothing is off the table, so we're trying to help." 

Tory added that even though Toronto has measures in place that "are more restrictive than anywhere else in Ontario" he believes that there is "probably more that we have to do in order to take what are very alarming numbers and try to arrest them."