Is your neighbourhood a COVID-19 hotspot? Do you deserve to know?

COVID-19 tests

Provincial officials appear to know which neighbourhoods are COVID-19 hotspots but so far, haven't been willing to share the specifics.

Premier Doug Ford on Monday urged people in hotspots to get tested but there is little information on where they are. He said the province is able to measure these hotspots by postal code but so far, that data has not been released.

Provincial data shows 64.8 per cent of Ontario cases are in Toronto-area public health units.

Ford said, "some areas are lighting up like a Christmas tree," mentioning areas of Brampton, North Etobicoke and Scarborough.

He said the province would get people into those areas to test but it wasn't clear how they'd do that.

The government is expected to announce a new testing strategy within days.