John Tory organizing meeting of construction officials following pedestrian collisions

Toronto Mayor John Tory says he's organizing a meeting next week with members of the city's construction and trucking industry, following recent incidents of pedestrians being struck. 

"That is a particular problem that we have to address, beyond things we can do, there are things that they are going to have to do," he said Tuesday. 

Tory's comments come the same day a woman was struck by a dump truck as she was getting off a street car on Bathurst St. car by College St. 

Police later said she would live, but the collision comes after a 54-year-old woman was killed last week by a cement truck amidst the construction by Yonge St. and Eglinton Avenue. 

The death prompted three councillors to call for a pause of new developments until a new traffic plan around construction sites is established. 

Tory said while the city's role includes changing intersections, as well as improving signals and lighting, companies and their employees have a role as well. 

"I hope that that can be a constructive meeting, where I can have hem agree to do certain things, whether it's increase training, increase safety measures, so that we can stop this kind of tragic event from happening," he said. 

It's not clear who will attend the meeting, which is scheduled for next Wednesday.