Kevin and Linda O'Leary named on wrongful death lawsuit

Gary Poltash, left, and Susanne Brito, centre, were both killed in a boat crash that involved businessman Kevin O'Leary. (GoFundMe / The Canadian Press)

Kevin and Linda O'Leary have both been named in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of the Uxbridge woman killed.

Susanne Brito was one of two people killed, when the boar she was on collided with a boat being driven by Linda O'Leary.

A 64-year-old man from Florida was also killed in the crash.

Also named in the suit is Richard Ruh, the driver of the second boat, and that boats owner Irv Edwards.

Linda O'Leary is facing charges of careless operation of a vessel, and Ruh has been charged with failing to exhibit navigational lights.

If convicted, it's likely O'Leary would face only a fine as a punishment.

"For this grieving family, it is about obtaining civil justice so as to prevent these types of deaths and curtailing reckless and dangerous behaviour from continuing on our lakes," says lawyer Patrick Brown, who represents the family of Brito.  

"Our family has lost a beautiful, loving person. We are devastated. We sincerely hope that through this process, that justice is served and that steps are taken so that innocent victims like Suzie, are not seriously injured and killed and that other families do not have to go through such pain and loss," said Rosa Ragone, mother of the late Suzanne Brito.

"Operating pleasure crafts comes with great responsibility. We hope that from this process, that water safety is taken more seriously," added Ms. Ragone.