Knia Singh registers to run for mayor against John Tory

He sees this as a two-person race between him and John Tory

Lawyer and activist Knia Singh is registered and running for mayor.

He says he made the decision because the city is facing a pivotal moment politically and socially.

There is a great divide between the "havs" and "have nots." His experience with social justice gives him a clear understanding of what all levels of social classes need.

He says the "have nots" don't feel engaged in the political system right now. They don't connect with politicians. Singh believes what he stands for and what he's done in the past will bridge the gap and engage those who normally don't vote.

He says Mayor Tory is a good guy but there are a few things he disagrees with him on. "We definitely know people pick up guns because of low social economic conditioning and lack of education. I think preventative measures are much more important and needed at this time than just asking for more police. More police will arrest more people but it's never going to stop the root of gun violence."

Transit is another file Singh is passionate about. "The ball has been dropped when it comes to transit. We are seeing a lot of fare evasion but we're not seeing a reduction in fares to encourage people to ride the TTC. I believe offering a system where people can use their transfers for two hours without having to be at certain intersections would be a great relief to the city," He explains. "I am very concerned about the amount of deaths happening at the subway. Priority number one is to ensure we have a better system of creating barriers from the subway platforms because we cannot lives to be lost, whether by suicide or being pushed in front of a train, anymore."

Singh sees this coming down to a two-person race between him and Tory. "There's nobody else that, unfortunately, has enough of a profile to make a difference. I think, right now, it's up to voters to decide between John Tory and myself."