Laid-off TTC workers will be back on the job next month


The TTC says the remaining 179 furloughed employees will be back on the job in the first week of November.

The TTC says in a statement that this is in response to the change in ridership patterns and service demands. The recalled employees include 97 bus operators.

"Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to monitor ridership in real time and adjust service to meet demand," said TTC CEO Rick Leary. "We've also been looking for opportunities to take advantage of the reduced ridership to advance major capital work at a time it would inconvenience the fewest customers."

The commission says daily boardings on buses are now at 50 per cent of pre-pandemic levels.

The union representing those workers released this statement Thursday evening:

“After ATU Local 113 fought for months to get all workers back on the job, the TTC today announced that 179 of our members, including 97 bus operators, who were laid off in the spring will be returning to work. This means that by the first week of November, all remaining laid-off TTC workers will be helping move Toronto again. This is great news for our workers, the TTC and the people of Toronto.

ATU Local 113 has been the leading voice in this fight and has never stopped advocating for the return of all 450 workers since the TTC announced layoffs in April. Since that announcement, our members and transit allies have been urging the TTC to restore full service to protect public health and prevent overcrowding on a growing number of routes. Today, the TTC has met our demands and finally done the right thing.”