LISTEN- 'An unmitigated disaster': Listeners, analysts pan Patrick Brown interview

Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown

Boris was going through his morning routine when he walked into his kitchen a little before 7 a.m. Friday, his radio tuned to NEWSTALK 1010. He heard a man in conversation with host John Moore talking about Ontario's energy system.

"I was surprised you were giving this person so much time because they didn't know what they were talking about," Boris later told Moore in the Morning.

He was stunned to learn he had been listening to the man hoping to unseat to Liberals next year: Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown.

Another listener, Steve, also joined the interview mid-way.

"I was saying to myself ' oh gosh, please don't let this be Patrick Brown, please don't let this be Patrick Brown'. At some point in time someone in opposition has to get their act together. This is getting actually scary for me as a voter."

Listeners panned Brown's performance on the air and online as unprepared and inexperienced.

Moore in the Morning panelist Michael Taube, a former speech writer for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, was even more direct Friday.

"That was an unmitigated disaster," Taube said. "That was just a bad performance over all. He should have been ready for something like that. He should have been able to answer...on the fly."

"(It) sounded like you got him out of the shower, like he didn't know the call was coming," quipped National Post columnist Christie Blatchford.

Amanda Galbraith, former communications director for Toronto Mayor John Tory turned principal at Navigator believes Brown got too tangled up in contract details rather than focusing on the emotional and Ontarians' ability to pay their bills.

"You lose sight of that a little bit as a politician when you get into the weeds. It happens, it's not great. I think he's very recoverable but that was a bit painful to listen to."