Long weekend: Pandemic edition


Whether you're at home in isolation, quarantine, or practicing social distancing, here are five things you can do this long weekend to keep entertained.

Bake cookies

Everyone loves cookies! So why not bake up a batch of comfort food with your family using whatever tasty treats you can find at home!

Buy local, Shop the GTA

Not every business has been shut down because of COVID-19. Many businesses in the GTA are still operating, with some offering curbside pick-up OR delivery! See the listings in our Shop the GTA section.

Read a book

Unless your books at home are for 'display purposes only', grab one off the shelf and give it a read. There must be a reason you've kept it all these years -- rediscover a great read or try a new one. Swap books with your family members and discuss them at the end of the weekend.


It might be hard for many to find the space to meditate, but if you can encourage those in your household to practice it with you for 10 or 20 minutes a day, it could really mellow out your weekend.

Check out a new podcast

NEWSTALK 1010 and iHeartRadio offer up a bunch of podcasts to keep you entertained and informed. Listen to Eat This with Lianne Phillipson, Exponential with Amanda Lang, Within Reach hosted by Jennifer Keesmaat. If you haven't had your fill of coronavirus news yet, Dave Trafford hosts Outbreak: The Facts and Fiction of COVID-19.