LOOK: Halton police using decoy cop cars

Decoy police car in Halton

We all know the feeling you get when you spot a police cruiser and you might be going just a little too fast.

Halton Regional Police are using that reaction to slow down, as a way to get people to lay off the gas pedal.

They have launched an operation in Burlington, where they place 'decoys' on the side of the road.

That decoy is just an empty police cruiser left in a problem area, for a couple days and then add in an officer with a radar gun.

But in a pilot project, the decoys proved to be effective.

"Over a seven day period, it was found that over 50% of vehicles were speeding. When the decoy vehcile was put out there, there was a 20% decrease in speeders." said a spokesperson with Halton Regional Police.

They say there's only one decoy car being used right now, and it's only in Burlington, but that will be expanding, both in terms of numbers and area, through the summer.

Checking with other police services, it appears this is unique to Halton Region for now.