Looking into what comes next for Ontario's lockdown

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With a bleak picture expected to be painted on Tuesday, Ontario's government and health officials spent the weekend discussing further restrictions that could be imposed.

The Toronto Sun is reporting that shutting down construction sites, closing manufacturing plants and potentially introducing a curfew were all part of discussions that took place.

Closing manufacturing would not be a blanket order, the Sun reports. Food processing and some supply chain operators would be allowed to stay open.

No decision has been made on construction sites but there have been more outbreaks in the industry in recent weeks. Part of the discussions surround which construction could actually be shut down.

The Toronto Star looked into what new measures could be introduced, and that could include a restriction of movement, similar to what was seen in Australia's state of Victoria. It included restricting travel within a five-kilometre radius from a resident's home, and only allowing one member from the house to leave at a time for essential supplies or exercise. Exceptions would be made for essential workers.

That state also restricted its domestic borders to other COVID-19 hot spots, similar to what we've seen in the Atlantic provinces.