Man's car shot at while driving on Highway 50 in Brampton, with no reported connection to attacker


A terrifying drive thankfully ended with no injuries to a man and woman late Wednesday night in Brampton, as bullets hit their car while they were driving. 

It isn't clear how fast the vehicle was going just before midnight on Highway 50 at Mayfield Road, when Peel Police Cst. Sarah Patten says the violence happened. 

"He believed he was being shot at while driving his vehicle," she said. "He did pull his vehicle over and observed several bullet holes in his vehicle." 

"He was definitely very panicked and there's no indication that the suspect outstanding is known to the victim and he was definitely somewhat in a state of shock." 

Because it happened so fast, there is no description of the suspect's vehicle, so police are looking for any surveillance video and are asking for any drivers who may have dashcam footage to come forward. 

"When you have stray bullets flying at a vehicle, there's definitely a public safety concern and we want to get this person in custody as quickly as possible," she said.