Mandarin duck on the loose from Newmarket farm becomes a hit in town


The town of Newmarket, Ontario, has a new celebrity.

His name is Eddie, and he made quite a splash at a local park yesterday.

Eddie is a mandarin duck that recently escaped from his owner's farm.

His colour-blocked feathers -- in dazzling shades of red, purple, black and blue -- set him apart from the more mundane mallards he's been hanging out with lately.

On Saturday he drew a crowd of both adults and kids to the snowy banks of the river along Fairy Lake Park.

They oohed and aahed as Eddie performed in the icy water, fluttering his wings to show off his exotic plumage.

But his owner, Tracey Harpley, says that while she's glad people get to enjoy Eddie, she thinks it's time for him to come home.

Harpley volunteers for wildlife rehabilitation centres and cares for several small rescue animals.

She's left some seed in a small pen, and is hoping Eddie will remember his usual routine and settle inside.