Mayor John Tory says Bloor St. bike lane extension could happen in the next two years

Bike lane

Toronto Mayor John Tory says it's reasonable that extending the Bloor St. bike lanes could happen in two years.

"I think it'll happen in that time frame, yes," he said Wednesday to NEWSTALK1010. "I don't want to presume on the consultation and what's going to be said."

"But yes, I would say that's a fair assumption."

Cycle Toronto says the lanes should extend from the Royal Ontario Museum all the way to High Park given city statistics on usage.

The organization says after analyzing monthly data from February 2018 to last month, nearly one million cyclists rode the lanes between Avenue Rd. and Shaw St.

"If one segment on its own can lead to substantial increases in ridership, imagine what a westward extension, and eventually a city-wide grid, could achieve," said executive director Jared Kolb.

Tory pointed out the westward extension is already in the 10-year Bike plan, which is currently in year three.

Tory said there must be consultations with businesses and residents, but he still expects the plan to go through.

"None of these are without controversy," he said. "I opposed putting them in on Yonge St. up by Sheppard north from there and taking out two lanes of traffic."

But Tory said at the end of the day, the city has to strike a balance.

"Increasing numbers of people are using cycling and walking to get around and that we also respect the fact there are cars and trucks," he said. "It's tough because no matter what side of the balance you pick, somebody's going to disagree with you and be upset.:"