Mayor Tory throws cold water on proposal to bill people rescued from Scarborough Bluffs

Mayor John Tory says he doesn't think a proposal to pass bills on to people who get stranded on the Scarborough Bluffs is the right way to go.

Tory says the proposal from Scarborough-area city councillor Paul Ainslie goes against the advice he's received from the Toronto Fire Service.

"They don't want people who find themselves in that dangerous circumstance to be reluctant to call the fire department," Tory says.

"That could lead to a loss of life."

In a letter written to a city council committee, Ainslie says, 'misadventure along the Scarborough Bluffs are on the rise.'

He puts forward concerns that these rescue calls are putting unnecessary strain on city resources.

In many cases, specially trained crews and equipment have to be dispatched to get stranded hikers to safety.

Ainslie claims that last year, more than a dozen rescue calls were dispatched to people who had become trapped along the unstable cliffs.

Tory says while he would like to see people who ignore warning signs over trespassing rules to face criminal or bylaw charges, he wouldn't want to put others in danger by providing an unintentional deterrend to phoning 911.

"I hope people can come to their senses and stop this foolish behaviour," he says.