Men accused in Dafonte Miller beating go to trial

It's been almost three years since Whitby teen Dafonte Miller was beaten.

Today, a Toronto Police officer and his brother will stand trial. Michael and Christian Theriault are charged with aggravated assault and obstructing justice.

This case has sparked protests and online campaigns. There have been allegations of an attempted coverup.

But ultimately, NEWSTALK 1010 Chief Legal Analyst Edward Prutschi says the trial beginning today is a simple one.

"The trial is a criminal trial. It's about the question of one or both of these two guys...whether they committed an assault on Dafonte Miller."

It was December 28th, 2016, Miller was beaten so badly that he lost an eye, had a broken nose and a fractured wrist.

Miller was initially charged with theft under $5,000, assault with a weapon and possession of marijuana. Those charges were later dropped.

The Theriaults were charged seven months later, after Miller's lawyer called the province's police watchdog.

There have also been questions around the Theriaults' father who, at the time, worked for the Toronto Police professional standards unit. A complaint last year alleges he called Durham police several times.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

NEWSTALK 1010 will have a reporter in court for the start of the trial.