Milton dentist who rewarded teen's good deed gets bombarded by internet trolls


Internet trolls have sucked the fun out of a feel-good story we told you about last weekend.

A teenager in Milton received a $500 reward for turning in a package she found that had about $30,000 worth of cash and cheques inside.

The dentist it belongs to says most of what was in the deposit bag actually has no value at all.

It wasn't long after police in Halton Region released details of this story on Sunday that social media went about turning it into something negative.

Dr. Raju Sarna says he and his staff opened the office at Hawthorne Village Dental on Monday to a voicemail box jammed with nasty messages.

There was also an avalanche of insults hurled at the clinic online.

It turns out some people on the internet think Dr. Sarna is being a cheapskate.

He was criticized for offering the teen only a few hundred dollars in return for passing up a chance to scoop thousands of dollars from the package she found.

There's more to this story than that.

The trouble started when investigators fanned out a media release stating the bag contained 'thousands of dollars' in cash.

Dr. Sarna says that, in fact, most of the documents in the package were insurance cheques that had already been processed.

In other words, the cheques only have value to the people or organizations they're made out to.

There was only about $14 worth of cash in the bag, according to Dr. Sarna, but the teen likely wouldn't have been able to tell, as she never opened the seal that keeps it closed.

Regardless, Dr. Sarna says he still he wanted to give the 17-year old girl a reward for her honesty and integrity.

He's troubled, though, that some are making him out to be a penny-pinching Scrooge.

"It is very disappointing," he says.

"Its one of those things where you figure there's always going to be haters out there and you keep moving forward."

He adds it was important for him to clear the air on what exactly was in the bag because his staff are on-edge about the idea a would-be robber might target their office, presuming they keep lots of cash on hand.

Dr. Sarna says the plaza in which the clinic is located has a convenience store that was recently robbed.

As of Monday evening, the initial news release from Halton Regional Police containing the inaccurate information remains on the service's website.

Calls to communications officials were not immediately returned.